Andrew Oswald,
Professor of Economics and Behavioural Science

Media and Non-Technical Articles


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  • "The Well-being of Nations", Times Higher Education, May 2011. PDF
  • "Report by the Stiglitz Commission on the Measurement of Economic Performance and Social Progress". 2009. PDF
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  • "The Wage Curve: An Entry Written for the New Palgrave, 2nd Edition", with David Blanchflower, February, 2006 PDF
  • "Work-Life Balance and the Rest of Our Lives", April 2003 PDF
  • "Cupid, Statistics, and the Economics of Divorce", June 2002. PDF


  • "Housing, Again", January 2004 PDF
  • "The Case for a Healthier Rental Sector in the UK", November 2004 PDF
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  • "The Housing Market and Europe's Unemployment: A Non-Technical Paper" (May 1999) PDF
  • "Theory of Homes and Jobs" (September 1997). PDF
  • "The Missing Piece of the Unemployment Puzzle", Inaugural Lecture, November 1997. PDF

Herd Behaviour and Related Issues

  • "Prestige Labels", November 2006 PDF
  • "Herd Behaviour and the Current Crisis", October 2008. PDF
  • "Rank is What Matters", August 2003 PDF
  • "If You Want to Live, Get Promoted", March 2003 PDF
  • "Is Life Just a Search for Status? Part 1: Dominant Baboons and British Civil Servants", May 2002. PDF
  • "Is Life Just a Search for Status? Part 2: On Watch in Biarritz and St Tropez", May 2002. PDF

Science and Higher Education

  • "If you build a Soviet-style planning system, you will get tractors", June 2014 Times Higher Education PDF
  • "Notes on Economics and the Future of Quantitative Social Science", May 2010. PDF
  • "Things it Would Have Been Useful to Have Been Told as a Starting PhD student" - October 2009 PDF
  • "Some Evidence on the Future of Economics", with Hilda Ralsmark, August 2007 PDF
  • "Brain Drain Worries and a Fund for Top Scientists", August 2007 PDF
  • "Thinking Globally about Science and the UK's Missing 56% of Elite Scientists", January 2007 PDF
  • "An Examination of the Reliability of Prestigious Scholarly Journals: Evidence and Implications for Decision-makers", April, 2006 PDF
  • "Given the Cost of Studying, Should I Go to University?" - Febuary 2009 PDF
  • "After RAE2008, Peer Overview" - January 2009 PDF
  • "World-Leading Research and its Measurement" - January, 2009 PDF
  • "The Best Way to Design a Future RAE for UK Universities", July 2008. PDF
  • "Elite Scientists and the Global Brain Drain", September 2007. PDF
  • "The Mathematical Case for Private Universities in the UK", April 2003 PDF
  • "It is Time for a Group of British Universities to Break Away", February 2002. PDF


  • "Hydrogen Transport and the Spatial Requirements of Renewable Energy", with Jim Oswald and Hezlin Ashraf-Ball - May 2009 PDF
  • "Heads and Reds: The Human Tendency to See Patterns in Random Data", November 2008 PDF
  • "An Interview with Avinash Dixit", November 2007. PDF
  • "London's Public-Sector Workers Need to be Paid 50 % More Than Those in the North", March 2002. PDF
  • "Fear is the Major Cost of Recessions", October 2001. PDF